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wtfkoreanbbq asked:
If I had all the money in the world or at least one wish it would be hang out with you for a day.

oh myyy

😈 #bored #얼스타그램

😈 #bored #얼스타그램

Anonymous asked:
Your hair it's so coarse!


regularnewtype asked:
you are wicked pretty.


날씨가 왜이리덥노.. #셀스타그램 #얼스타그램

날씨가 왜이리덥노.. #셀스타그램 #얼스타그램

wtfkoreanbbq asked:
You look thousand times better than other Korean girls.

aw thanks ~

tahuynh asked:
JENNNA OIIII ;o! When is you ever coming to nor cal huh! haha if you even remember me from before ;c

youre anon idk who u r

foreversoleful asked:
And I have a big boner :( lol <3 hi



I wanna be hot enough to make people question their sexual orientation

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